Bush will stay in the suite of Pugacova and Kirkorov

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The Russian newspaper «Komsomolskaja pravda» reports that the USA President Bush’s visit will cost a lot to Latvia — approximately USD 4 billion. The visit will cause a lot of other inconveniences, since the center of the city and also theaters, schools, shops, restaurants and offices will be closed. Guests staying at hotels in the center of the city are asked to vacate their rooms and to move to a ferry which has cost the government USD 1 million.

The President and his suite are going to stay in a 155 square meter luxury suite with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, sitting-room and kitchen at «Radisson SAS». The room charges are EUR 1180 per night. Usually this suite is occupied by Alla Pugacova and Filip Kirkorov when visiting Riga.

Special communications cables are being pulled over the river. Bridges will be closed during the visit for both, pedestrians and drivers. The inhabitants must behave calmly and are advised not to lean out of windows and not to «play» with optics so that not to irritate the snipers.

The visit also has a positive side to it, for example, the Botanical Garden was «renovated» in expectation of the First Lady’s visit.

Alla Pugacova and Filip Kirkorov are assured that Bush will like the hotel room. During Bush’s visit in Latvia Kirkorov will be in America, while Pugacova will be traveling somewhere in Russia.

As «Komsomolskaja pravda» found out, both singers have nothing against Bush staying in their hotel room. They say there is a nice view from the window, and they have wonderful romantic memories associated with it… Hope that Bush will like it too.

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