«Lattelekom» offers live broadcast of George Bush’s visit in the «Apollo» portal

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Lattelekom, in cooperation with the USA Embassy in Riga and the Foreign Office of the Republic of Latvia, will provide live broadcast of the visit of the USA President George Bush in the Internet portal Apollo.

«Lattelekom» has the great honor to be the official live Internet broadcast provider of this important event,» said Nils Melngailis, Chairman of «Lattelekom» Management Board. «The attention of many countries and their media will be focused on the USA President’s visit in Latvia. The live Apollo Internet broadcast will allow us to follow the events in Riga from any place in the world. We estimate that the possibility will be used by approximately 180,000 Internet users in Latvia and 40,000 in other countries.«

«Bush in Latvia» for Internet users

Apollo (www.apollo.lv) will be the only Internet portal in Latvia providing for a possibility to follow the events of G. Bush’s visit live.

From May 3, a special section «Bush in Latvia» will be available to users of the Apollo portal, offering vast information about the expected visit of the USA President, the history of the relations between Latvia and the USA, and also the biography of G. Bush.

On May 6 and 7, all Apollo users will be able to follow the visit of the USA President in the capital city of Latvia live in the Internet. The live Internet broadcast will show the coverage of the most important event of the visit by Latvian TV.

To enable foreign Internet users to follow G. Bush’s visit, transmission in English will be ensured, promoting Latvia’s image in the world

Lattelekom’s technical support to G. Bush’s visit

Since Lattelekom has extensive experience in provision of communications services for state significance events, during the US President’s visit the company will perform the orders of the USA Embassy in Riga and Riga City Council on provision of voice and data transmission services to various sites connected with the visit. This is a positive evaluation of Lattelekom’s versatile technical capabilities bearing proof that the company is a powerful provider of integrated IT and telecommunications solutions.

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