Vanšu and Akmens bridges will be closed

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During the visit of the USA President George Bush in Riga, Vanšu and Akmens bridges will be closed for traffic, while on Friday and Saturday evening passengers arriving at the airport «Riga» will be delivered to the city center by special buses.

The Press Secretary of the Cabinet of Ministers Aivis Freidenfelds informed that Vanšu and Akmens bridges would be closed starting from 24.00 on Friday, May 6, till 19.30 on Saturday, May 7. An exception to this will be public and operative auto transport which will be allowed to use the Akmens bridge.

Those passengers whose flights arrive at the airport «Riga» between 21.30 and 23.00 on May 6 will be brought by buses to Riga International Bus Station free of charge. Therefore, the authorities request to meet the arriving flight passengers at the bus station, said Freidenfelds.

Each bus will have a sign with the name of the flight indicated, e.g., Helsinki–Riga, 21.30; Frankfurt/Han–Riga, 21.35; Prague–Riga, 21.55; Tallinn–Riga, 21.55; Berlin/Thegel–Riga, 22.20; Tampere–Riga, 22.25; London/Heathrow–Riga, 22.40; Stockholm/Aarland–Riga, 22.45; Amsterdam/Chiphol–Riga, 22.45; and Copenhagen–Riga, 23.00.

It is also planned to deliver to the bus station also those plane passengers who arrive between 16.55 and 19.15 on May 7: Stockholm/Skavsta–Riga, 16.55; Copenhagen–Riga, 17.30; Berlin/Tegel–Riga, 17.50; Paris–Riga, 18.45; Stockholm–Riga, 19.15; London/Stenstead–Riga, 19.15.

Thos passengers who are planning to fly from the airport «Riga» in the evening of May 6 must arrive thereby 21.00 to wait for the registration of the flight. This applies to the flights Riga–Frankfurt/Haan at 22.00, Riga–London/Stenstead at 22.50 and Riga–Dublin at 23.05.

Passengers departing by flights Riga–Copenhagen at 18.10, Riga–Tampere at 19.40 and Riga–Maastricht at 20.00 must arrive at the airport by 17.00.

During the above period there will be also traffic restrictions en route from the airport to the center of the city along Ulmaņa gatve and on Kalnciema street. Traffic restrictions will be in force on Friday from 21.00 to 23.30.

On May 7 traffic restrictions en route from the center of the city to the airport along Kalnciema street and Ulmaņa will be in force from 17.30 to 19.30.

Traffic restrictions will be also in force on Valdemāra street.

Vanšu and Akmens bridges will be closed

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